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Do direct sales, vowing to seize the international market Kanai tea

Date:7/20/2016 03:46:41 PM

In Changsha County, one such old tea: his love of tea, tea promotion is pacemaker Kanai tea development.

Over sixties Hunan Tea Co. Kanai, chairman of the circumference of the tree to see their grow tea in a teacup when Malaysian actually like kids excited. This time, he will lead Kanai tea proactively to the world.

Kanai tea sales are booming in ASEAN

The circumference of the tree is old in Changsha County tea, some time ago in "Into ASEAN in the field docking" activities as Changsha County on behalf of the ASEAN countries to go around, I did not expect this to go not only to give him a surprise, with more to new markets hope.

"I was in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and these countries, supermarkets, shopping malls, or even someone else's cup, to see our Kanai green tea." Perimeter tree excited about this time ASEAN row experience to reporters. Although the export of tea before Kanai, but raise sales by agents, in many countries know the circumference of the tree shop goods, but did not expect sales so popular.

"For example, in Malaysia, sell their tea is not cheap." Perimeter tree picked up a packet of green tea, told reporters, "This is a pound in our country, selling about $ 100, while in Malaysia, even sold for about 380 yuan." The tree said perimeter if they can put into indirect sales direct sales, in foreign countries on the basis of the current sales price may be cheaper at least about 200 yuan, the market will be immeasurable.

Old tea people will take advantage of the tea to the international Kanai

Perimeter tree introduced Kanai old tea exports plus domestic sales model, but mostly indirect export sales agents based, and does not account for the bulk.

"Every year we will supply tea to end tensions, domestic sales are not enough, so the export even less." Perimeter tree introduction, more rain this year, a lot of tea yield, he intends to seize this good fortune, make tea out of Kanai country.

The circumference of the tree this year participated in the "in ASEAN," a series of activities to support and enthusiasm of the various policies of the countries nearby, so that the 60-year-old to the new tea market confidence. "10 years ago, I've been to Malaysia, but again this year, found that the market is not the same, the policy is not the same."

When reporters happened to encounter merchants from Saudi Arabia Shiwanka, he was attracted to Kanai Tea Limited. He not only likes Kanai tea, but also to make tea in the Middle East market selling Kanai full of confidence. Today, Kanai tea export market has gradually opened, not only ASEAN is the main market, the European Union, the United States, Japan and other developed regions like Kanai tea. The circumference of the tree, said a conservative estimate of the amount of tea to be exported in 2016 increased by 20% to 30% compared with last year.

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